Curator's Wish List

If you have any of these things lying around, or would like to support our curatorial work though a donation, please think of the Mark Twain House!

As we are scrupulous about displaying only authentic period items to help interpret the lives of the Clemens family and their servants‚ the target date for all of these items is 1881-91. Kitchen items could be slightly earlier (1865 and later).

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Wish List Items

Any items belonging to the Clemens or Langdon family
Shelf clock to be used in the servant's wing, c.1880s.
Wall clock to be hung in the butler's pantry. Preference is for a Seth Thomas, c.1880s

Ice cream freezer, small.

Some brand names include American Machine Co. (1890); Ice King (made by Dover Stamping Co., 1869); Peerless (by Gooch Freezer Co, 1888) Zero, Pet or Boss (by Gooch Freezer Co., 1889); Ketchum & Co. (by HB Masser, 1859); Chas. W. Packer/Packer's (1872); and White Mountain.

Scale, such as Landers, Frary, & Clark Columbia Family Scale
Mahogany rocking chair
A 19th-century engraving of Rembrandt's Night Watch.
Large Oriental rugs
Kerosene lamps
Silk bureau scarf

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