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Curriculum on Mark Twain and His Books

Help your students understand the social and material culture of Mark Twain’s times through a closer look at the way the family lived in their Hartford house. Expand their knowledge of his literary power beyond Tom and Huck. Learn how the turbulent age he lived in resulted in massive social change, and better understand how Samuel Clemens confronted the “powers-that-were” with funny, often sarcastic commentary.

To help you prepare for your visit or develop your classroom curriculum, we offer a selection of lesson plans. For more information or questions, contact our Director of Education:

Dr. James Golden
call 860-280-3146 or email james.golden@marktwainhouse.org


For the past several years, The Mark Twain House & Museum has been the host of National Endowment for the Humanities Summer Teacher Workshops at which educators from across the nation have written lesson plans to assist their colleagues in teaching the life and works of
Mark Twain.

Presented below is a selection of these lesson plans that have been updated to specifically reference their connections to the new Common Core Standards as well as edited to conform to the “Understanding by Design” (UBD) format for curricular units commonly used by educators today.

As more of our lesson plans are converted to UBD format and linked to the Common Core Standards, they will be added to our online inventory, so be sure to check back periodically to see if we have something new and beneficial for your students.

Support for the updating and publication of these lesson plans has been generously provided by the John and Kelly Hartman Foundation.

Middle School Lessons

 Mark Twain Manipulation- MS/Gifted download PDF
 Mark Twain Ratios- MS/Math. download PDF
 Huck Finn Moral Choice- MS/Eng. download PDF

Middle & High School Lessons

 Different Reality- MS & HS/Eng. download PDF
 Understanding Tone- MS & HS/Eng. download PDF
 Twain’s Travels- MS & HS/Eng. & Hist. download PDF
 Using Newspapers- MS & HS/Eng. & Hist. download PDF

High School Lessons

 Nook Farm- HS/Eng. download PDF
 Huck Finn Censorship- HS/Eng. download PDF
 Huck Finn Child Abuse- HS/Eng. download PDF
 Twain Romance Old West- HS/Eng. download PDF
 Stereotype Satire Humor- HS/Eng. download PDF
 Manifest Destiny New Frontiers- HS/Eng. & Hist. download PDF
 Using Gilded Age Htfd- HS/Eng. & Hist. download PDF
 Technology CT Yankee- HS/Hist. download PDF
 Twain Mysterious Stranger- HS/Eng. download PDF
 Twain Tall Tales- HS/Eng. download PDF
 Sam Clemens Mark Twain Pen Names-
HS/Eng. & Psych.
 download PDF
 Visual Literacy- HS/ELL download PDF
 Twain Painting Lake Tahoe- HS/ELL download PDF
 Storytelling Twain Way- HS/Eng. download PDF
 Twain’s Sword of Satire- HS/Eng. download PDF
 Illustrations of Jim- HS/Eng. & Hist. & Art download PDF
 Scarlet Letter- HS/Eng. download PDF
 Masks Minstrels- HS/Eng. & Hist. download PDF
 Using Vernacular- HS/ESL & Hist. download PDF
 Language and Finn- HS/Eng. download PDF
 Go to Hell- HS/AP Literature download PDF
 Using Newspapers- MS & HS/Eng. & Hist. download PDF
 Huck Jim Jim Crow- HS/Eng. download PDF
 Using Primary Sources- HS/Hist. download PDF
 Twain’s Depiction- HS/Eng. & Hist. download PDF
 Twain and Humor- HS/Eng. download PDF
 Poetry in 19th Century- HS/Eng. download PDF

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