The Mark Twain House & Museum Receives a $45,454.50 COVID Relief Grant from CT Humanities

January 18, 2021 / Hartford, CT…The Mark Twain House & Museum is pleased to announce that it has received a $45,454.50 COVID Relief Fund for Museums Grant. The grant was awarded by CT Humanities, with funding provided by the Connecticut State Department of Economic and Community Development (DECD)/Connecticut Office of the Arts (COA) through an allocation to the State of Connecticut from the CARES Act.

This grant will aid The Mark Twain House & Museum in its recovery from the financial impact of COVID-19 and will help pay essential operating expenses. With the support of the grant, the museum will enter 2021 in a stronger financial position so that it can continue to preserve historic assets for the benefit of the public and to serve the community through its educational and cultural programming.

“We are deeply grateful to CT Humanities and the State for this timely funding,” says the museum’s Executive Director Pieter Roos. “Like so many other small businesses in the crisis, we have been sorely impacted and this funding will not only help us survive the pandemic, but to continue to offer programming to the public as we have throughout the last ten months.”

“The Mark Twain House and Museum is a shining example of our state’s cultural heritage and why we must do everything we can to bridge this most difficult time and secure the future for our humanities organizations,” says Jason Mancini, Executive Director for Connecticut Humanities.

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