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Sam Clemens to Mary Mason Fairbanks, August 1872

Fenwick Hall
em spaceSaybrook, Conn.,
em spaceem spaceAug. 11.

. . . the main reason why I, individually, have not written, is,—laziness. I never was afflicted with it before, but now that I have tried it, I adore it.

Our Susie is doing famously here, but the case was different in Hartford, the moment the warm weather set in. We had to pack our trunks mighty suddenly, the 5th of July & rush down here—& none too soon, for the succeeding week wilted Hartford children away like a simoom. This place is on the Sound, 2 hours from Hartford, & is delightfully cool & comfortable—never an hour of heat, day or night. Mrs. Langdon will reach here in a day or two, & she & Livy will remain till cool weather—but I sail in the Scotia, Aug. 21st for Europe—England, rather—to be gone several months. If I find I am to be away very long, shall return by & by & take Livy over. I confine myself to England & Scotland. I wish you would come over there; & if you can’t, I wish you would make Livy a real good visit.

You must remember us lovingly to our friends in Cleveland, & especially the Severances—Mrs. S’s. letter to us when we lost our boy touched us & so warmed our hearts toward her. I say these things to you because we have replied to none of the many letters of condolence we received, writing was so painful.

Susie is bright & strong & we love her so that no sacrifice seems too much to make for her; though I feel that we must look up a less expensive article of condensed milk for her. Good-bye.

Lovingly. . .


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