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"Well, That Will Do for Hartford."

When Mark Twain first visited Hartford in 1868, it was love at first sight. He made the city his home for two decades. We hope you will fall in love with Hartford, too, when you add The Mark Twain House & Museum to your travel plans or vacation itinerary.

Located 20 minutes from Bradley International Airport, 90 minutes from Boston, two hours from New York and less than an hour from Interstate 95, Hartford is convenient and a destination unto itself. There are many things to do and see, so we hope you will linger and enjoy all that we have to offer.

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"City of Hartford" speech, by Mark Twain on October 19, 1882

Now, as I am talking for Hartford, I will talk earnestly but modestly.

There is much here to see – the state house, Colt’s factory and the place where the Charter Oak was. And we have an antiquity here – the East Hartford bridge. (Laughter.) Now let me beseech you, don’t go away without seeing that tunnel on stilts. You may think it a trifle, but go see it! Think what it may be to your posterity, generations hence, who come here and say, ‘There’s that same old bridge.’ (Laughter.) It is coeval with the flood and will be coexistent with the millennium. Hartford has a larger population than any city in America except New York. It is more beautiful than any other excepting Worcester and it is the honestest city in the world. (Laughter.) Well, that will do for Hartford. I will rest my case there.