April 24, 2023/Hartford, Connecticut…The Mark Twain House & Museum is pleased to announce that we have been awarded a $20,000 grant from the Lincoln Financial Foundation in support of our education programs that serve Hartford public school students.  

The museum offers a variety of educational programs for k-12 students that provide valuable experiential learning opportunities while helping schools meet the goals of Connecticut’s Curriculum Standards. Our Free Visit Program for all schools in Connecticut’s Priority Districts, including Hartford, ensures that these schools that wish to bring their students to the Mark Twain House and Museum can do so at no cost. 

The Mark Twain House & Museum is committed to using its unique resources to serve the educational needs of students. This commitment continues the legacy of Mark Twain, a strong supporter of public education, who said “out of the public school grows the greatness of a nation.” Through its School Tour Program, students visit the museum and participate in grade-level-appropriate programs including hands-on learning and storytelling activities for younger children, and, for middle and high school students, activities that focus on reading comprehension and literary analysis, creative writing, critical thinking skills, and history.  

Pieter Roos, Executive Director of The Mark Twain House and Museum noted that, “Lincoln Financial has been a long-time supporter of this museum and we could not be more proud of that association or more pleased that they have once again supported our efforts to provide educational opportunities for classes from around Connecticut and across the region.” 

About the Lincoln Financial Foundation 

Lincoln Financial Foundation awards grants to hundreds of nonprofits each year that empower and improve the lives of people in their communities. Lincoln Financial Foundation believes that contributing to strong, vital communities is both a value and a responsibility. Lincoln Financial Foundation works with non-profit organizations that adhere to best practices and can point to proven outcomes, and who assess their programs for effectiveness and efficiency. 

Lincoln Financial employees are committed to service and responsibility. They make significant contributions in their communities, working side-by-side with our nonprofit partners as volunteers or board members. Employees in all major locations are encouraged to organize volunteer activities, from cleanup days in parks and schools to food and clothing drives, mentoring students and building homes. To learn more, visit www.lfg.com 

About The Mark Twain House & Museum 

The goals of the museum’s operations are to serve the public by preserving and making accessible our historic assets, by providing engaging educational and cultural experiences for people of all ages and backgrounds, supporting lifelong learning, creativity and connection to the literary arts, and by offering educational programs for students that provide participants with valuable learning experiences that expand their knowledge and enhance their academic skills.   

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