Summer 2023

For Business or Pleasure? Twain’s Summer Sojourns

The Mark Twain House & Museum is proud to present an exhibition titled For Business or Pleasure?: Twain’s Summer Sojourns which will focus on the Clemens family’s American summer vacations while discussing the overarching themes relating to Gilded Age leisure and travel. The exhibit will roughly cover a time period between 1870-1910 and visitors to the exhibit will be “taken to places such as Elmira, Saranac Lake, and the Onteora Club, all in New York; Old Saybrook, Connecticut; and Dublin, New Hampshire. 

Research for this exhibit was generously supported by a CT Humanities Grant.

Summer 2024

The Mark Twain House turns 150!

Samuel and Olivia Clemens finished construction and moved into their Hartford home in 1874. In honor of the sesquicentennial of that anniversary, we will host an exhibition focusing on the House itself. More information to come.

© Adrien Broom

Summer 2025

HOLDING SPACE by Adrien Broom

The Mark Twain House & Museum is thrilled to host Adrien Broom’s photography exhibition HOLDING SPACE.

Adrien says: “As an artist, I believe this sediment and emotional energy remain in the historical houses I am photographing. The good and the bad, the failures and triumphs, the inspired and the mundane. My goal for this project is to tap into these lingering energies that have been imprinted on these places by extraordinarily creative people. Historical artists and writers, who through their lives and work have helped shape our culture today, are reflected back to us through their houses. Their homes are literal windows (and doors) to their souls.”

Learn more about Adrien