The Mark Twain Giant Puppet

Coming Soon....

Thanks to an Edward C. and Ann T. Roberts Foundation’s 2023 Excellence In the Arts grant, The Mark Twain House & Museum is thrilled to announce our collaboration with Anne Cubberly’s Giant Puppets to design and fabricate a large-scale puppet of Mark Twain to serve as an ambassador from our organization to the community.

With over 28 years of experience as an artist creating large-scale puppets, kinetic sculptures, and installations, Cubberly brings recognized expertise to this project. Plans call for an approximately 10-foot-tall puppet which will represent Mark Twain in his most recognizable form—with white beard and mustache, a white suit, and a book in hand. We will also highlight a lesser-known but endearing aspect of Mark Twain’s persona; that he was a lover of cats. The puppet will thus feature a cat, draped across his shoulders. The puppet will be managed by one puppeteer and designed to be displayed on a wooden stand when not in use. Cubberly typically works with papier mache and other materials to fabricate her creations. 

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The Roberts Foundation is unique in its commitment to support the arts for arts’ sake, and to achieve this mission, the organization seeks to fund exceptional aesthetic experiences that reflect, celebrate, and elevate the human spirit. The Roberts’ Foundation is Proud to Sponsor Hartford Artist Anne Cubberly’s Mark Twain Giant Puppet.

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