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Mark Twain’s house has something you don’t often see-a fireplace in the dining room with a window built in above it. In fact, the chimney rising above the fireplace was “divided” to make room for the window. Along with this unique feature there’s an unconfirmed story about it and Twain: As he sat at the head of the table at dinner he loved to watch the snow seemingly “falling toward” the blazing fire.

There is a point to telling you this story that is relevant to research, but first:

Here at the Mark Twain House, we want to help you learn more about our favorite author. So, we’re making it easy for you.

The reading list below and the Internet links provided will help you get started. Many of the books listed can be found in our shop. But be sure to check out our suggested reading list, links to other Twain sites and information about Samuel L. Clemens (yes, that was his real name) and his family.

And be careful! As your teacher must have warned you, the Internet is not always a reliable source. The links we provide have been tested and vetted, and we use many of them all the time ourselves, but there’s a lot of wrong information about Mark Twain. For instance, the fireplace story – it doesn’t have any real source, so we shouldn’t even be telling it to you! But we know you’re too smart to use it in a term paper.

(By the way, if you do find a reliable source for the story, we’ll give you a surprise gift. It’s a nice story and we’d like to know where it came from!)

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